Spotlight: A Timely Plea

Dear friends, 
Six weeks ago the Haitian Government adjusted the value of the US Dollar in hopes of slowing down inflation here. The Haitian government devalued the dollar, and other foreign currency to half of what it used be. We had hoped prices would drop also, but they haven’t and it looks like it’s going to take a while for that to happen. 
The result of devaluing U.S. currency is we are now paying double for our food supplies in order to feed all of our kids and the workers who help us run the home. We used to pay around $375 a week for food, now it costs us $700. We also employ several Haitians anywhere from a few hours a week to full time. Their salaries per US$ have also doubled , even though their buying power in Haitian Gourdes has not. We urge you to consider giving hope in a one time gift above your regular giving to help out in this critical Haitian ministry.
Bill and Jennifer Campbell | Director of Operations
In their brief explanation of the failing Haitian economy, Bill and Jenn sought to educate us on what some of their daily spiritual battles look like. Making ends meet for a family is one thing, making ends meet for a home with 35 children is an even bigger challenge. 
The responsibility of caring for the physical, educational, social and especially spiritual needs of our HHH children, along with the workers that help us keep the Haiti Home of Hope running, has gone from difficult to extremely challenging. Remember though, God has consistently showered His favor on this ministry as we seek to demonstrate His love in a tangible way. We do that with the children under our care, and we also do that within the community at large, as we seek to bring a measure of stability to the lives of those we employ. 
HHH’s focus is on Orphan Care, Orphan Prevention, and Community Outreach.
The reduced buying power of the dollar has affected us in such a way, that together, our field missionaries, and our home board, are crying out to God for Him to open a window of heaven and shower His blessing upon us as we seek to represent Him. I recently sat in a meeting where those on our board pledged $10,000 as a demonstration of their commitment to our Haitian ministry. We’d like to ask you to consider helping us double this amount. Call it what you will, a matching gift or seed money, we felt as a friend of the HHH ministry you would want to know about this critical need. 
Our eyes are on our Heavenly Father to provide for our need. When circumstances tempt us to give into fretting, He always brings us back to trusting Him. I have found that sometimes He answers with lots of small amounts and sometimes with large ones. We’ll let Him answer however He chooses. We want to give you the opportunity to participate with us in being part of God’s answer.
-Jerry Tharp | HHH Board – Secretary


The mission of Haiti Home of Hope, Inc. is to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being for those most in need, through sharing the gospel, community outreach, orphan prevention, and orphan care.

Our values:Christ-centered, Gospel-focused, Love-motivated, Mission-driven, Servant-minded

Haiti Home of Hope, Inc is a non-profit 501c(3) with primary operations in Pignon, Haiti.

Orphan Care

Founded January 5, 2003, directors Bill and Jennifer Campbell were commissioned to the field. HHH is a father of the fatherless and a staple in the community with the orphanage, milk and feeding clinics, and community outreach. HHH orphanage houses around 50 children full time.

HHH 182

The HHH Milk Clinic

We provide baby formula to infants that are severely malnourished. The majority of the time the infants mothers have either passed away or are not able to nurse them due to their own malnourishment. Children are required to attend a bi-monthly checkups to ensure nutritional needs are being met.


The HHH Feeding Clinic

We provide nutrition assistance to families that have successfully graduated from the Milk Program. Children are required to attend bi-monthly checkups to ensure nutritional needs are being met. Children of school age are also offered scholarships to attend their local primary school in an effort to help them establish consistent education.

Community Outreach

HHH Field Directors routinely interact with the community. We support several local churches in the area and partner with other ministries to help raise the level of living for those in need while at the same time sharing the love of Christ.