Medical Training

Will & Heidi just completed two weeks of intensive medical training for missionaries in North Carolina.  They were part of the Missionary Medical Intensive course administered by Equip International.  Equip supports missionaries and also trains them for situations that might arise on the mission field.  As the name suggests it is very intensive.  Successful completion of the course earns the participants 73 continuing education credits in just 10 short days.


We got to practice giving shots, completing physical exams, diagnosing and treating tropical diseases, assisting in childbirth, giving stitches, dental best practices/pulling teeth and medical emergency best practices.

Will & Heidi took the course based upon recommendations from Jennifer Campbell, who says she regularly uses the skills taught in the course to care for the HHH kids as well as the kids on the feeding programs.




We were very blessed to attend the course with missionaries from all over the world and make many new friends along the way.  Thanks to Anna and Lowell and the rest of the instructors who put up with some very extraordinary folks!  Some countries represented are: India, Cameroon, Uganda, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Madagascar, Lebanon, and of course Haiti.


Another great group is headed out equipped to diagnose and treat illness and injury in remote locations. Bon voyage, MMI friends!

Posted by Equip International on Friday, October 26, 2018

God’s Abundant Provision

It seems like an eternity ago since we started raising funds to move to Haiti.  Here is a little recap of this year:

  • Made a trip to Haiti in October 2017 with the Board of Directors to seek God’s will for the next steps in coming alongside Bill & Jenn.
  • Visited Red Bridge early December 2017 to make introductions and meet with the Missions committee.
  • Officially commissioned by the Board of Directors on January 5th, 2018 – Note this was 15 years to the day that Red Bridge officially commissioned the Campbells in 2003.
  • Started sending out information about HHH and us on January 6th.
  • Received our 1st donation from a long-time friend of the family, Randy Reed, February 1st.
  • We made our first visit to a church to present on February 25, 2018.  (First Baptist Grain Valley) Our home church for almost eight years when we lived in the Kansas City area.  Up until this point the first six weeks of fundraising went by slowly, in fact we had not received any calls or emails from our flyers and our attempts to contact potential supporters had not produced a single appointment.
  • From February 25 thru June 24th we only had one Sunday that we were not presenting at a church!


  • That also meant that thru those four months we have raised approximately 80% of our funds needed!

God has blessed us throughout this experience.  We have been touched by the warmth and open arms folks have extended to us as we visited church after church after church.  We hope that our presentations have helped bring a better understanding of what HHH does and what we hope to do when we reach the field later this year.  Thank you for your prayers, gifts and hospitality.  

We are in the final push of fundraising and still need to gather that last 20%, but we have seen God’s provision as friends and strangers have generously supported us and have no doubts that we will make it shortly.  We are excited to begin the planning stage for the move to Haiti.

Thank You Melinda

We want to thank a wonderful young woman that has worked tirelessly behind the scenes at HHH for some time now.  Melinda Lavenau has been providing administrative support to the Board of Directors and our Field Directors.  Her duties included bookkeeping – mainly keeping our Treasurer out of trouble, social media guru, keeping our President on task and putting together the quarterly newsletter.  Melinda has been a valuable asset to HHH and since her time here our outreach of new members have hit record numbers!  Melinda has also had the extra task of helping our family get up to speed on the behind the scenes workings of the books, Facebook and the website.  She is always willing to answer our questions and never complained when we needed a bit of info on short notice.  Not to mention her smile can brighten the darkest day.  We are so blessed to have been able to work with you and cannot thank you enough for all that you do.

While Melinda’s time at HHH will be over at the end of May, she will remain a revered friend of the organization.  We want to wish Melinda & Jeff the best of luck in their future endeavors.  HHH will not be the same without you, your work has impacted more lives than you are probably aware and we ask God to bless you in all that you do!

The Gift of Reading


Sitting in the recliner (or swinging in the hammock) while immersed in a great book is one of the great joys in my life.  We encourage Alana to read every day – always a book of her choice – to foster a love of reading and lifelong learning.  We want to pass this gift on to the kids at HHH as well.  Recently my friend, Becky Anderson, lovingly helped us to give this gift to our kids.  She gifted us a box of novels written in French!  They belonged to her grandmother and she wanted them to be loved again – just as her grandmother loved them.

French novels (romans) donated by Becky Anderson

Do you also have a love for reading and a desire to help the kids at HHH learn to love reading?  We are in need of french texts and novels to share with the kids.  We are trying to enhance their French language skills and reading is an excellent way to work thru a language – we know because we are trying to go thru them and are learning quite a bit!  We are also looking for English textbooks that we might be able to utilize in helping develop an English curriculum for the kids.  We especially would like anything that has to do with developing early reading skills.  If you have access to any type of these books would you let us know so we can evaluate the best use for them.

If you have some books that you would like to donate, please reach out to us to determine the best way to get them to us.  Please remember, shipping and customs costs are very high, so we need to coordinate all shipments to HHH through our US office.

Devenel Joseph Scholarship Opportunity

As many of you may not know, but we have begun an exciting time at HHH.  For 15 years our mission has been to care for orphans.  That includes more than just providing room and board to children.  They have been attending school and church and have had the opportunities to learn different life skills along the way.  We are now transitioning a few into adulthood!

Our oldest two kids are now off starting their time as young adults.  Wisly & Madline, are off to great start!  Wisly is studying pre-med at College of the Ozarks in Southern Missouri and Madline works for HHH caring for the toddlers and assists Project Hope on a part time basis.  She has purchased her own land in Pignon and is planning the construction of her own home.  Remembering where these two started when they came to HHH – it is amazing to see God’s hand in their lives and we are constantly praying for their success.

The next young adult that is set to graduate from HHH is Devenel Joseph this June!

Attached is a flyer that Devenel helped to create.  (Devenel Joseph Scholarship)  He goes into detail about his career goals and how thankful he is that HHH was a part of his upbringing.  Our mission is to help find caring individuals that want to be a part of his next chapter in life and sponsor him to go to College in Haiti.

We previously posted about UCI and our desire to send our kids here for higher education.  

The cost to attend University in Haiti is about $2,250/year including room and board.  Over the next 15 years we have kids graduating, all with their own unique dreams and goals.  Make sure to designate your gift to “Scholarship Funds”.  If you have questions Heidi and I would be happy to talk with you – we are excited to be a part of this exciting time at HHH!

Virden, IL Visit

We had a great time this past Sunday visiting FBC Virden, IL.  We were in town for Heidi’s niece’s 1st B-day celebration and Pastor John Parrish was gracious enough to let us come by and present HHH, Inc. to his congregation.

FBC Virden Bulletin


We’d like to especially thank Steve and Debbie Kershaw who helped make the presentation seamless.  What a wonderful loving church.  We even got an offer from a 92-year young lady to make dresses  for the girls at HHH!  We also made a connection with the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach who might be able to help us with medical supplies and equipment for clinic.

It was great to see the first page of the bulletin quoting Isaiah 6:8 – What a great verse to kick off a missionary presentation – Thank you for your prayers and donations.

FBC Virden Presentation


We also just heard that Countryside Christian Church is coming alongside us in our mission with HHH!  What an outstanding way to kick off a week.  Special Thanks to Tom and Amber Jones – who’ve been friends of ours for years.  God bless you guys!


Look what we dug up from their Senior Yearbook in 1998! (Sorry Amber!)

Plans are underway for our next visit to HHH!  

We are excited for this trip because it marks our first trip serving as Directors of Education.  We are laying some groundwork for our ministry duties once we are in country permanently.  We plan to take Devenel on a university visit to UCI (United Christians International) or in Kreyol (Université Chrétienne de la Communauté de Caîman).  He will be our first student that has the opportunity to attend university in Haiti!  Pray with us that he gains clarity in his long-term goals through this process.  We are proud of his commitment to finishing high school and exploring options that will allow him to be a leader in his community in the future.  At UCI we will meet with the missionary family  that runs this ministry.  We will discuss educational options for our students, tuition costs, and career placement.

We will be assessing the kids at HHH that are unable to attend traditional Haitian schools.  Our goal is to determine the best plan of action to prepare them for an independent life after their time with us.  This may include on-site education, but will definitely include vocational training.  We pray that they will be a positive influence on their community as well.

There is always so much preparation that goes into a trip to Haiti.  So many things to remember!


Our plans also include some video work!  Stay tuned next week for an announcement….involving baseball….!!



Anchor Point HHH Update Visit

We were blessed to visit Anchor Point Baptist Church this past Sunday.

Lewis and his lovely wife were gracious hosts.  Seth brought a great message on 1 John chapter 2.  We loved meeting all the supporters of HHH in this great church!  We had hoped to show them a short film on HHH and it’s ministries but unfortunately we had technical difficulties – so they had to put up with Heidi and I talking thru update powerpoint slides.  In fact we had to send someone out to borrow a laptop in order to make that happen.  The folks at Anchor Point were more than willing to help us out and we hope that they received a blessing hearing about Wisly, Madeline, Chelson and Ashline.

Thank you all for your patience with us.  Thank you for your gift and continued support of HHH!

If you are in need of a church and are in the Independence, Liberty, Sugar Creek, Fort Osage, Blue Springs areas check out Anchor Point Baptist Church – I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Seriously, Pastor Seth brings a Spirit-filled message with a full serving of humor as well!

Grain Valley Meet and Greet

Heidi, Alana and I are excited to go see our former church in Grain Valley this Sunday!  We will be visiting First Baptist Grain Valley located at 207 W Walnut in the heart of GV.  We will be at both morning services starting at 9:00 am and will be presenting information about what we expect to do at HHH during the evening service at 6:00 pm.  We can hardly wait to see our old friends and spend some time catching up.  We are excited to see what has been going on at church since we left and meet all the new families that now attend.  We hear the nursery is exploding – this is a great problem to have!  We know there are many supporters that we have not had the opportunity to meet yet so we extend this invitation to all of you – We would love to get to know you if you are available to swing by.  The evening service is informal and is intended to give a better picture of our calling.

Of course along with the visit comes our sales pitch.  We are actively seeking support to help us get onto the mission field as soon as possible.  We can fill you in on the many different ways to help out.  One avenue of support is t-shirt sales.  We have partnered with Time Warp Apparel to print the t-shirts.  Ryan Knight has graciously offered to donate a portion of his labor to help offset costs.  This is a mock-up of what we have come up with.  The front will have our family purpose and proposition statement and the back contains the big HHH logo.  We are looking at taking pre-orders so we can print up t-shirts with as little waste/overage as possible.  The t-shirts come in heather grey and in adult sizes S, M, L, XL & 2XL.  If you can’t make it out to GV but would be interested in one of these beauties please let Heidi or Will know and we can take your info down.  We are asking for a minimum $20 donation per shirt – all donations can be sent directly to HHH just don’t forget to designate it to “Frazier Ministry Support”.

We are looking forward to a great weekend and a great Sunday morning message by Wayne Geiger!  God Bless!


So What is Deputation Anyway?

Heidi and I have been asked to go around and raise support for our ministry.  Ministry folks call this deputation.  It involves countless hours of writing letters, calling churches, sending emails to family and friends, essentially selling ourselves to both known and unknown people and groups.  In order to help communicate our mission and goals to people we have spent numerous hours creating two documents, links are included in this post – please take a look and let us know what you think of them.

What you may not already know is that Heidi and I have been working on our ministry focus for a year now.  We have been getting regular counseling from our pastors and the board at HHH.  It has taken a lot of work to get where we are today – just starting out looking for supporters.  Here is the result of about 4 months worth of work and refining: sandbox graphic

Detailed in the “sandbox” is our purpose and proposition statement: Raise up young leaders living for Christ, to revive Haiti.  Also shown is our mission statement, guiding principles, preferred culture and ministry focus. We developed this as vision communication for you that defines our purpose at HHH, Inc. We envision this will provide direction for our family and help us to avoid distractions.  I think this is about our 5th version of this document.

Here is a copy of our newsletter that we are sending out as fast as we can print them:Frazier Family Ministry Newsletter

These are the first impressions that new people are getting when we introduce ourselves and our mission.  We have been following these up with phone calls and emails and have already scheduled dates to visit churches over the next two months!