Plans are underway for our next visit to HHH!  

We are excited for this trip because it marks our first trip serving as Directors of Education.  We are laying some groundwork for our ministry duties once we are in country permanently.  We plan to take Devenel on a university visit to UCI (United Christians International) or in Kreyol (Université Chrétienne de la Communauté de Caîman).  He will be our first student that has the opportunity to attend university in Haiti!  Pray with us that he gains clarity in his long-term goals through this process.  We are proud of his commitment to finishing high school and exploring options that will allow him to be a leader in his community in the future.  At UCI we will meet with the missionary family  that runs this ministry.  We will discuss educational options for our students, tuition costs, and career placement.

We will be assessing the kids at HHH that are unable to attend traditional Haitian schools.  Our goal is to determine the best plan of action to prepare them for an independent life after their time with us.  This may include on-site education, but will definitely include vocational training.  We pray that they will be a positive influence on their community as well.

There is always so much preparation that goes into a trip to Haiti.  So many things to remember!


Our plans also include some video work!  Stay tuned next week for an announcement….involving baseball….!!



Anchor Point HHH Update Visit

We were blessed to visit Anchor Point Baptist Church this past Sunday.

Lewis and his lovely wife were gracious hosts.  Seth brought a great message on 1 John chapter 2.  We loved meeting all the supporters of HHH in this great church!  We had hoped to show them a short film on HHH and it’s ministries but unfortunately we had technical difficulties – so they had to put up with Heidi and I talking thru update powerpoint slides.  In fact we had to send someone out to borrow a laptop in order to make that happen.  The folks at Anchor Point were more than willing to help us out and we hope that they received a blessing hearing about Wisly, Madeline, Chelson and Ashline.

Thank you all for your patience with us.  Thank you for your gift and continued support of HHH!

If you are in need of a church and are in the Independence, Liberty, Sugar Creek, Fort Osage, Blue Springs areas check out Anchor Point Baptist Church – I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Seriously, Pastor Seth brings a Spirit-filled message with a full serving of humor as well!