One of the primary ministries of Haiti Home of Hope is the operation of an orphanage. Our mission is to raise and nurture children until they can step out and be productive Haitian citizens. As the children reach adulthood and transition out into the community, we pray that the things they learned while at HHH as well as the things they learned from the Lord will guide them to help the people of Haiti to make the right decisions to turn the country from an impoverished nation into a productive one. Haiti Home of Hope orphanage currently cares for 30+ children full time.


The Milk Clinic is a ministry almost exclusively for Haitian babies with no living mother. Haiti Home of Hope provides powder formula for these babies who range from newborn to 18 months of age and are typically being cared for by their aunts and grandmothers.

To enter the program, families are required to bring the baby, along with the baby's birth certificate and their deceased mother's death certificate. Once families enter the program, babies and their caregivers are required to attend a bi-monthly checkup to ensure nutritional needs are being met. Each baby typically stays in the program for two years.

As of 2023, over 1,000 babies have received help from the Milk Clinic. The Haiti Home of Hope orphanage has not welcomed any additional orphans for 7 years due in part to the ability to preserve the family through the help of the Milk Clinic. Praise the Lord!

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HHH Field Directors routinely interact with the community. We support several local churches, the local police force and partner with other ministries to help raise the level of living for those in need while at the same time sharing the love of Christ.


The Feeding Program is a ministry for malnourished children from 1 to 10 years of age and periodically for malnourished nursing mothers. Haiti Home of Hope provides food and supplements to these children as well as malnourished mothers to enable them to nurse their babies. Children are required to attend bi-monthly checkups to ensure nutritional needs are being met.

Children of school age in the Feeding Program are also offered scholarships to attend their local primary school in an effort to help them establish consistent education.