So What is Deputation Anyway?

Heidi and I have been asked to go around and raise support for our ministry.  Ministry folks call this deputation.  It involves countless hours of writing letters, calling churches, sending emails to family and friends, essentially selling ourselves to both known and unknown people and groups.  In order to help communicate our mission and goals to people we have spent numerous hours creating two documents, links are included in this post – please take a look and let us know what you think of them.

What you may not already know is that Heidi and I have been working on our ministry focus for a year now.  We have been getting regular counseling from our pastors and the board at HHH.  It has taken a lot of work to get where we are today – just starting out looking for supporters.  Here is the result of about 4 months worth of work and refining: sandbox graphic

Detailed in the “sandbox” is our purpose and proposition statement: Raise up young leaders living for Christ, to revive Haiti.  Also shown is our mission statement, guiding principles, preferred culture and ministry focus. We developed this as vision communication for you that defines our purpose at HHH, Inc. We envision this will provide direction for our family and help us to avoid distractions.  I think this is about our 5th version of this document.

Here is a copy of our newsletter that we are sending out as fast as we can print them:Frazier Family Ministry Newsletter

These are the first impressions that new people are getting when we introduce ourselves and our mission.  We have been following these up with phone calls and emails and have already scheduled dates to visit churches over the next two months!