Virden, IL Visit

We had a great time this past Sunday visiting FBC Virden, IL.  We were in town for Heidi’s niece’s 1st B-day celebration and Pastor John Parrish was gracious enough to let us come by and present HHH, Inc. to his congregation.

FBC Virden Bulletin


We’d like to especially thank Steve and Debbie Kershaw who helped make the presentation seamless.  What a wonderful loving church.  We even got an offer from a 92-year young lady to make dresses  for the girls at HHH!  We also made a connection with the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach who might be able to help us with medical supplies and equipment for clinic.

It was great to see the first page of the bulletin quoting Isaiah 6:8 – What a great verse to kick off a missionary presentation – Thank you for your prayers and donations.

FBC Virden Presentation


We also just heard that Countryside Christian Church is coming alongside us in our mission with HHH!  What an outstanding way to kick off a week.  Special Thanks to Tom and Amber Jones – who’ve been friends of ours for years.  God bless you guys!


Look what we dug up from their Senior Yearbook in 1998! (Sorry Amber!)