The Gift of Reading


Sitting in the recliner (or swinging in the hammock) while immersed in a great book is one of the great joys in my life.  We encourage Alana to read every day – always a book of her choice – to foster a love of reading and lifelong learning.  We want to pass this gift on to the kids at HHH as well.  Recently my friend, Becky Anderson, lovingly helped us to give this gift to our kids.  She gifted us a box of novels written in French!  They belonged to her grandmother and she wanted them to be loved again – just as her grandmother loved them.

French novels (romans) donated by Becky Anderson

Do you also have a love for reading and a desire to help the kids at HHH learn to love reading?  We are in need of french texts and novels to share with the kids.  We are trying to enhance their French language skills and reading is an excellent way to work thru a language – we know because we are trying to go thru them and are learning quite a bit!  We are also looking for English textbooks that we might be able to utilize in helping develop an English curriculum for the kids.  We especially would like anything that has to do with developing early reading skills.  If you have access to any type of these books would you let us know so we can evaluate the best use for them.

If you have some books that you would like to donate, please reach out to us to determine the best way to get them to us.  Please remember, shipping and customs costs are very high, so we need to coordinate all shipments to HHH through our US office.