HHH Kids

One of the primary ministries of Haiti Home of Hope is the operation of an Orphanage. Our mission is to raise and nurture children at Haiti Home of Home until they can step out and be productive Haitian citizens.  As they transition out into the community, we pray that the things they have learned while at HHH as well as the things they have learned from the Lord will guide them to help the people of Haiti to make the right decisions to turn the country from an impoverished nation into a productive one.

Below are a few of our graduating kids that we would like for you to get to know better.

We are actively seeking sponsors that will help send them to University or Trade Schools to help transition them out of HHH and into adulthood. Please consider donating to help raise up young leaders, living for christ, to revive Haiti.   


Fricot Geffrard - 19 - Aspiring Medical Doctor

Fricot was born on October 10, 1999. He is the youngest of twelve children. He has never met his biological father, his mother was raising all twelve children by herself. At four his mother decided to place Fricot in HHH’s care due to an extreme lack of necessities.

Fricot is very grateful for each and every one of you that has supported HHH over the last 16 years.  He asks, daily, for the Lord to bless each of you the rest of your days.  He is extremely grateful for the care that HHH has given him and his brothers and sisters.  

Lumanès & Jaccène Jean-Charles - Aspiring Agronomist & Civil Engineer

Lumanès was born November 17, 1996.  Jaccène was born  March 26, 1998.  They are brothers that have been in HHH’s care since 2005.  They originally came to know HHH through the community outreach feeding program.  It wasn’t until Lumanès became ill that they became full-time dependents at HHH.

They are very grateful for the care that HHH has given them. God lead the brothers  to a loving family that became their parents out of love for Jesus. Most importantly they taught us about Jesus and gave us opportunities that their Haitian family could not. They are wonderful young men today because of the care and influence they received from HHH.

Devenel Joseph - Aspiring Electrician

Devenel was born on February 25, 1995. His mother was mentally ill and his grandmother couldn’t care for him, so he was brought to HHH in January of 2004. He  graduated High School in June 2018.  He is currently attending electrical trade school to learn to become an electrician.

Here’s what Devenel has to say, “I am the first person in my family to finish high school. Being in HHH gave me another chance in life, and it is more than a home where kids are fed and clothed. Children are sent to school, taken to the doctor and they help to mold all the kids to become better people and push us to go out into the world to do the same.”

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