Medical Training

Will & Heidi just completed two weeks of intensive medical training for missionaries in North Carolina.  They were part of the Missionary Medical Intensive course administered by Equip International.  Equip supports missionaries and also trains them for situations that might arise on the mission field.  As the name suggests it is very intensive.  Successful completion of the course earns the participants 73 continuing education credits in just 10 short days.


We got to practice giving shots, completing physical exams, diagnosing and treating tropical diseases, assisting in childbirth, giving stitches, dental best practices/pulling teeth and medical emergency best practices.

Will & Heidi took the course based upon recommendations from Jennifer Campbell, who says she regularly uses the skills taught in the course to care for the HHH kids as well as the kids on the feeding programs.




We were very blessed to attend the course with missionaries from all over the world and make many new friends along the way.  Thanks to Anna and Lowell and the rest of the instructors who put up with some very extraordinary folks!  Some countries represented are: India, Cameroon, Uganda, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Canada, Madagascar, Lebanon, and of course Haiti.


Another great group is headed out equipped to diagnose and treat illness and injury in remote locations. Bon voyage, MMI friends!

Posted by Equip International on Friday, October 26, 2018