Scholarship Opportunities

2019 begins a new year with new opportunities for all of us. Some of you may have resolved to loose weight, read the bible thru, or stop a “bad habit” of some sort. It also gives each of us a chance to influence new people in a way that honors God. We would like to present you with just such an opportunity for 2019:

We have three very bright and talented young men that will be graduating this summer from high school. Fricot, Jaccène & Lumanès.


We are proud that they have made it this far as only about 60% of children in Haiti make it all the way and graduate. Each of them has their own dreams and goals for what they would like to accomplish throughout their lives.


HHH is actively seeking individuals that would be interested in sponsoring one or all three to go to university. It costs about $2,500/year for tuition, lodging, books and fees to attend a university in Haiti. The application process is similar to that in the US; upon graduating they have to take a national exam, similar to the SAT. If they pass that exam they then have to pass an entrance exam into the university they choose to attend. Once they successfully pass these exams it is up to us to find funding to help them with their education.

Below is a little more information about each of them:

Many of you may recognize these three from your trips to HHH. All three are active in church activities while also excelling in school. They have worked very hard to get to this point.

We are asking for your help to fund their next level of education. Would you consider helping them in 2019? There are 3 ways for your donation to be received:

  • Send a check to Haiti Home of Hope, Inc at the address listed above. Write “Frazier Family Ministry – Scholarship Funds” in the memo line.
  • Give online on our website. Designate funds to Frazier Ministry Support. Make a comment that the funds are for HHH graduate scholarships.
  • Give on our Facebook page. Make a note “Frazier Family Ministry – Scholarship Funds”.

Our Goal is to Develop a Ministry Relationship with You

We are seeking to develop lasting relationships with churches and individuals who believe in God and want to see His Kingdom on earth work to help those that need it most. We have been given an exciting and challenging opportunity! Most importantly, we need your prayers for the success of the mission. We also need skilled men and women to visit and teach trades and French and English skills to the dependents graduating from HHH. If you feel moved to support our cause financially, thank you! Your support will help us transition these children from dependents to productive leaders in Haiti.

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Send a check to 4901 E Red Bridge Rd Kansas City, MO 64137
  2. Donate on the website thru the “Donate Button”
  3. Donate on Facebook thru the “Donate Button”

Please make sure to designate the funds to “Frazier Ministry Support” and sign up to follow our progress!  We look forward to providing you an opportunity to be blessed by God in this ministry!


Will preaching in Gaspar Feb 2017